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@  Mister Maf : (21 November 2014 - 12:04 AM) http://bit.ly/1t9ogM1 Dammit Nintendo, what are you even doing?!  Inexcusable in this day and age.
@  naesssuhna : (20 November 2014 - 08:55 PM) BF4?
@  naesssuhna : (20 November 2014 - 08:50 PM) ahyone playing on xbox 1?
@  Myelencephalous : (20 November 2014 - 12:09 PM) Played Final Stand for one match (all I had time for) and, yes, I can verify the sheer thrill of the podlauncher!!!  It had me laughing
@  Chilli2627 : (20 November 2014 - 10:08 AM) Try Destiny Free! and save your progress if you buy the full game!! https://games.yahoo....-020010042.html
@  Dbl Incertion : (20 November 2014 - 09:15 AM) Dragon Age is FANTASTIC btw. My buddy and I have been playing the multiplayer a bit which is like ME3 + Diablo + Awesome. Could use another buddy or two since its 4man (most random pugs we get are... pugly)
@  twentyONE : (19 November 2014 - 04:17 PM) Pretty sweet although I haven't driven one yet, just been in the gunner seat. They have 360 degree range of motion. Not near as cool as the PODLAUNCHERS....that's right, human podlaunchers.  Climb in, aim, and rocket your pod across the map!
@  Myelencephalous : (19 November 2014 - 01:50 PM) twentyone, how are the HOVERTANKS???
@  THE RED DRAGON : (19 November 2014 - 01:30 PM) to add to twentyone - can you easily jump from 1st person to 3rd?  Id like 1st for in person but 3rd for driving
@  Dbl Incertion : (19 November 2014 - 01:26 PM) https://www.yahoo.co...-150007922.html
@  twentyONE : (19 November 2014 - 10:59 AM) Question for those that have played GTA: is the first person stuff just a gimmick or is it awesome?  Seems that most of the feedback I've seen is pretty negative about the "jankiness" of the controls and disappointing gunplay....
@  twentyONE : (18 November 2014 - 09:55 PM) Final Stand maps are fantastic! Hangar 21 is one of the overall best Battlefield maps....great layout, good structures, night time in the mountains with moonlight...
@  THE RED DRAGON : (17 November 2014 - 09:19 PM) me like Far Cry :)
@  Dbl Incertion : (17 November 2014 - 07:30 PM) Damnit red mr early access on every game. I'm officially a you tube personality so send me games early all you vidja game developers!!!
@  DBMgamer : (17 November 2014 - 11:52 AM) Well in destiny's patch notes now there is finally a reason to go to the Outfitter... But they patched the Cheat spot on the Archon strike.  Time to find a new cheat spot, lol  :Devil:
@  twentyONE : (17 November 2014 - 10:10 AM) In honor of GTA, I give you: http://youtu.be/xLpfbcXTeo8 -- Those that have played will understand. Those who haven't ....I only hope you can experience this song like I did, driving the California coast at sunset, on the way to an inevitably violent/emotional confrontation in the desert.
@  Dbl Incertion : (17 November 2014 - 08:41 AM) I'm at target and can confirm they are doing a guaranteed $30 in store credit towards gtaV ps4 or Xbox one from last gen gtav
@  Andrew6679 : (16 November 2014 - 10:52 PM) I'm in.....
@  THE RED DRAGON : (16 November 2014 - 09:54 PM) i'd let her lol
@  Grumpy Joe : (16 November 2014 - 09:29 PM) Jennifer wants to drain your dragon!!?? bring it.... http://www.usmagazin...awards-20141511
@  Dbl Incertion : (16 November 2014 - 01:29 PM) Might be a special $30 trade in guarantee at target for gtav http://forum.strats....ew-version/3485
@  Dbl Incertion : (15 November 2014 - 08:45 AM) I' have dumped hundreds of hours into the first 2. And unlike mass effect 3 your choices mattered. However they can't get those choices to port to Xbox one for some reason so there's a website where you check off on all the important decisions you've made (not like I'd remember every one but I'll try) but with the co op and like 100 hours of game play I am also very excited.
@  twentyONE : (15 November 2014 - 07:53 AM) I haven't played the first two either and I am absolutely PUMPED to play it!
@  Andrew6679 : (15 November 2014 - 12:48 AM) I think fragon age looks amazing. I haven't played any of the other ones, but this looks exciting and something new. I've been waiting for a good RPG to come to PS4.
@  dukebdfan980 : (14 November 2014 - 08:44 PM) Also what are everyone's thoughts on Dragon Age Inquisition.  I have not played its predecessors but it has good ratings and reminds me somewhat of Skyrim which I loved
@  dukebdfan980 : (14 November 2014 - 08:43 PM) i have never had that problem but i do sometimes have trouble beginning the sprint
@  Myelencephalous : (14 November 2014 - 02:19 PM) Is anyone else having trouble with the sprint feature (L3) in Destiny?  Mine won't stay on, it sprints for a second or so and just stops.  My controller is fine, as it works with other games.

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Fallout New Vegas Tips and Guides (Reviews coming soon)

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Posted 23 January 2011 - 09:36 PM

This is this first Video I ever made so it's not exciting. But I do Give you some good tips for making Caps, what to sell and where to find some sweet spots.

Here's a guide on completing Boone's (in Novac) quest so you can take him on as a companion.

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Posted 23 January 2011 - 09:41 PM

Nice. You got a good voice for commentary. Are you using WMM to edit? looking forward to motre vids.

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