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@  TheBMT : (27 May 2015 - 07:05 PM) literally woke up this morn having Endwar dreams tho
@  TheBMT : (26 May 2015 - 05:46 PM) Throwback tuesday:  https://www.youtube....h?v=1_SGDtO_nAc
@  Mister Maf : (20 May 2015 - 04:00 AM) In other PvE/co-op news, I got my hands on the Killing Floor 2 early access. I like some of the changes I see and the level of polish over the first game has gone through the roof. I especially like how each character has their own personality now and they talk to each other.
@  Dbl Incertion : (18 May 2015 - 03:42 PM) H1Z1 is fun but with friends makes farming mats and busing up your base etc much easier and your less prone to being killed. All in all I like it but it's an entirely different flavor from RoK. It's a day z with better maneuverability does have hackers but I haven't encountered any since I started. For $20 it's worth it imo. And battle royal is like hunger games meets day z.
@  THE RED DRAGON : (18 May 2015 - 11:19 AM) this will be my first witcher game....how does h1z1 compare dbl?
@  Mister Maf : (17 May 2015 - 11:47 PM) I'm waiting until after CD Projekt Red releases all their patches and free content additions before I take my go at Witcher 3. Pretty excited for it tho. I want to see how my choices from the first game play out.

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How Steam Box could Hurt Microsoft & Sony's Next Gen plans

Posted by THE RED DRAGON, in Gaming 14 December 2012 · 1,365 views

Steam Box Valve Xbox 720 PS4 Playstation 4 Next Gen Console Steam Console PC release date
Valve recently announced their plans to launch a console in 2013 that will directly compete against Sony & Microsoft in the Next-Gen console war.  One would think that a new player in the console arena would start off at a big disadvantage, and that probably would be true for most companies. But if any company has the capacity to deal some big punches, its Valve.

For my full analysis, check out the video below.

Steam Box Should Worry Xbox 720 & PS4

Here is a quick laundry list why the Steam Box could be big.

  • Steam has 50+ Million active accounts.
  • Over 1,800 games available (Presumably, these games would be capable of being played on  the Steam Box. And IF they are, that is a huge launch lineup that no other console has
  • Steam offers DEEP discounts and sales throughout the year. Sometimes sales are offered at a discount BEFORE launch of games. If you can buy the same game on 3 platforms, and get the same experience - wouldn't you chose the platform that you can get the best deal on?
  • Digital Distribution: You of course don't have to go to the store and wait in line to pick up a game for steam. I think this could be a selling point for some who don't care about discs. (I do however believe that Microsoft & Sony will start offering access to digital downloads immediately on the next gen)
  • Steam's Big Picture mode allows you to play with a Controller OR a Mouse & Keyboard. Players can now choose their favorite way of playing.
Do you think the Steam Box could hurt Microsoft's Xbox 720 or Sony's Playstation 4?

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My Xbox is getting a bit old and rickety so the idea of another console coming along to compete is intriguing. I do think that there is a lot of player loyalty out there (Xbox/Sony PS flame wars for example) BUT I'm not exactly enthralled with the way Microsoft operates so this might be something worth investing in.

I don't think the Steam Box would necessarily "hurt" the 720 or the PS4 just encourage them to do a better job. It seems like a win/win situation for all of us gamers.
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This is intriguing, I'm unsure which direction to take myself, Living room PC, PS4 or now a Steam Box. It will be interesting to know what sort of life cycle they expect from these Steam Boxes. If it's a shorter cycle I'll be going with Steam. With Sony wanting a 10yr cycle I think it's too much to expect it to hold up against the latest PC tech as is being seen now with current gen console. Having said that PS4 is likely to be more PC like than ever before. As for digital download, I can do that now with the PS3.

I agree with Acerdavidii, this will only push Sony and Microsoft to do better.
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As for digital download, I can do that now with the PS3.

I'm not familiar with the Playstation - just how much can you download? Can you download big-box games like Killzone 3 or the latest Uncharted?

I find the category "best downloadable game" found in many game awards to be incredibly biased because literally every single game available for the PC is downloadable, from Quake and Doom to XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Planetside 2 - and that's just on Steam. Nevermind GOG, Wargaming.net, Battle.net, and independents like League of Legends and Minecraft in all of its customizable, moddable glory. There's even emulators for games from old consoles and other systems past.

PC gaming is not expensive - for the price of a home computer and a console, you can make a very legitimate game computer that's flexible enough to adapt to the future with you. This, however, is neither turnkey nor as accessible as the existing home consoles. If someone could bring an all-in-one solution to the living room with all the perks of computer gaming, it could be a big hit. If that someone is Valve, it'll be more customer-friendly than any current console gamer would imagine.

At the same time, inb4 Big Picture Mode is the only mode, leaving mods outside of Steam Workshop and other distributors/web-accessible games out of the equation. League of Legends is the biggest game in the world right now, and some people might not see the point when they can't play Minecraft in the living room like they can on their Xbox.

Either way, I expect it to be both highly experimental and to be followed up with aggressively, but I also expect it to be a big contender.
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Looks like you might be right, they are due out but not yet it seems though I'm looking online rather than on the PS3. digital distro is only going to rise though either way.
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